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A.C.Australia manufacture, adapt and alter apparel for men and  women struggling with limited physical mobility and dexterity. Our garment adaptions are guaranteed to simplify the dressing process and reduce the discomfort and frustration whilst doing so..                                           If you are a home or residential carer, our front, back or side garment closures make easier the         dressing and un-dressing process.  Specialised                                                                                                   apparel openings allows for easy healthcare access.


​Many resilient individuals within our society perform everyday tasks that to you and I would be simplistic. These individuals have difficulty performing basic chores with ease. In many cases the simple process of dressing and undressing creates both frustration and discomfort.

So the next time you pass someone disabled, very elderly or who appears physically restricted, take a moment to reflect upon the difficulties and challenges faced by those who must survive in a society that caters to the dressing needs of the abled body not the disabled body.  We do, and that is why, A.C.Australia manufacture, adapt and alter clothing so as to remove at least one of the many challenges faced on a daily basis. Dressing...  


The mission of Adaptive Clothing .Australia is to address the needs of those within our community who require specialised or customised apparel to simplify the dressing and undressing process,   A.C.Australia hopes, that by removing the daily discomfort and frustration endured by these individuals they once again find motivation and enjoyment  in continued social interaction.   . .

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                 Email - - Office 07 3410 8788​ - Mob 0447 733 321 - P.O Box 685 Bribie Island​ QLD 4507